The civilized world still faces terrorism, identity theft, illegal immigration, internet hacking, phishing and viruses, credit card replication and fraud, software music & intellectual property theft, vehicle hi-jacking, false 'genuine' parts for critical applications, and many other serious criminal activities. At the root of all these problems is a lack of absolute identification of people and the transactions they make within the global financial and general databases which cannot be refuted in law. Steven Wolfowitz, a chemical engineer, invented a system incorporating a dynamic non-replicable component to solve the problems.

Much concentration and investment has been made in the biometric field of people identification. DNA, retina scans, facial & voice recognition systems, fingerprinting, etc., are all rapidly improving; but people interact with the transaction systems by use of objects like credit cards, identity cards, passports, driving licenses, etc., and all of these purely electronic systems can be easily replicated. Fraudulent use of them has been increasing for two decades or more. The missing link has now been invented – a unique verifiable identification of all of these objects – and links these cards, etc., to the people who use them indisputably by combining dynamic statistics to the purely replicable static systems currently in use. The system provides an incorruptible Link between Humans, Objects & Entities.

Details of transactions made by someone using a card together with corresponding readings of an imbedded tiny safe isotope's strength at the times of the transactions compile a database. This enhances the register of human identifications by being dynamic (time-based). The more transactions as time passes, the greater the uniqueness of the identification. The identity is incorruptible because it can be verified at any time by referring to the strength of the isotope on the card which is predictable. If the isotope or database is changed the identity is false.

A tiny speck of a selected safe isotope or mixture of isotopes is imbedded in the object and imparts the properties of a 'chemical clock' which cannot be stopped or re-set to the object because its status changes inexorably according to an exponential mathematical function of its deterioration timeline unaffected by any conditions. Thus the card & human combination record of transactions attains an ever changing predictable status which cannot be duplicated or cloned and which identifies the card uniquely. For example:



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