Overtaking a long truck in heavy rain is a nightmare chancing one's life. The SpraGard™ is a splashguard for the sides and undersides of vehicle bodies – especially truck and trailer bodies. It is well known that the wheels of these vehicles splash copious quantities of water in rainy conditions into the air alongside vehicles. This reduces visibility for passing motorists to nil in many cases and overtaking such vehicles is an extremely dangerous action. The problem occurs because heavy vehicles are generally travelling much slower than passenger vehicles whose drivers wish to overtake them. During the period of overtaking, the drivers of both vehicles are in danger of collision with each other and also unseen oncoming traffic from the opposite side of the road where the overtaking vehicle is usually driving.

Manufacturers of trucks supply their articles as chassis cabs and flat decks and scant attention is paid to containing the spray behind the rear wheels other than flaps fitted behind these wheels which are ineffective. This serves to lull the driver of a vehicle behind the front vehicle into a sense of false security which disappears when he tries to overtake and finds that the side spray is far more intense than anticipated.


Steven Wolfowitz, a chemical engineer, invented guards containing internal channels to trap water churned up under these large vehicles and deposit it in the middle of the truck onto the road. The sides of SpraGards™ extend to below the axle and just above the rim. Their panels can be easily detached to change tyres. Outward flanges trap air mist effectively. Tandem and multi-axles are accommodated. Eye-level mist is concentrated down to the roadway. They have strong sturdy construction & help prevent tyre theft.



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