Retaining walls are usually built having very wide foundations which utilize and waste available footprints. Steven Wolfowitz, a chemical engineer, registered designs for his patented quick and easy system. It can be used for high walls because water pressure is eliminated by spacing the vertical columns apart preventing pressure buildup. Instead of using gabion walls to prevent rockfalls along mountain cutouts of roadways stepping back towards the mountains, this system can be very rapidly constructed and of steel reinforced integrated concrete having very strong horizontal lateral and vertical high tensile strength with vertical reinforcing to become much stronger than gabions or "loffelstein-type" blocks.

Walls can be built leaving a catchment area behind them to catch falling rocks which don't roll over them. Wire mesh between the gaps prevents sand fines from moving through the gaps and provides a structure to attach attractive planting. The walls can be built on undulating levels by utilizing the patented shuttered interconnected slab connective means allowing reinforcing to be continuously connecting both horizontal and vertical sections. Further horizontal beam connections up the walls impart very strong high tensile lateral strength so that the entire length of walling along the roadways is tied together:

An advantage of this construction system is that it is very rapid. Slab shutters and the overlaps for vertical column bases allow many long lengths of foundations to be cast in one day. The shutters can be removed the next day and reused further along the roadside while the vertical columns are placed in position with their connecting simple shutterboard connecting beam formwork which are filled with concrete that day or the next.



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