In order to further reduce building unit costs a number of shutter systems were developed which eliminated the need for materials other than reinforced concrete to be required. Solid integrated monobloc framework and interconnected cast concrete walling sections provided a durable and cost-effective building method.

Steven Wolfowitz, a chemical engineer, invented a novel system using vertically removable reusable internal sliding shutters to hold outside shutters together instead of ferrules, etc.


To save concrete materials Steven invented a coupler to join PET bottles without loss of strength:



By lifting the internal vertical sliding shutters (blue) which secure the horizontal side shutters (green) which engage them sliding in channels (yellow), the lowermost side shutters are released allowing them to be leapfrogged above the highest shutters with which they engage. Thus few shutters are required for optimal use. The walls can fit together longwise or against columns. The system has been utilized for several projects:




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