Jan 2018: A method and apparatus to extract latent clean energy in laminar fluid flow by creating rotational fluid turbulence in pipelines with a new device has been invented by Steven Wolfowitz. Production is to start soon of small household units to generate clean electricity from water pressure in mains supplies without restricting flow-rates or volume throughputs. These units will be sold through hardware suppliers and easily fitted by local plumbers. This can be applied to the 3,5million km of large oil/water etc pipelines in use worldwide accumulating electricity from hundreds of generators per metre of pipelines. No energy to power required – just the unique patent pending system devices. No fossil fuels or CO2 involved.

The above graphics are illustrative only. New renewable clean energy systems are avidly being developed globally. It will still take some time for these to eliminate the use of fossil fuels and the dumping of CO2 and noxious gases into the atmosphere but all are necessary.

Attention is being paid to various microsystems these days. Nanotechnology is gaining great grounds in providing new technologies and benefits. This deals with tiny dimensions. Increasing studies about even smaller microbial entities and living creatures are providing essential knowledge about how they influence and indeed control the metabolisms and processes in Life – people, animals and vegetation etc. Critically important observations are being found and discovered all the time. Wind Turbines are being manufactured bigger and bigger. Huge solar farms are being built.

Intermediate dimensions and sizes can also provide huge benefits for clean electricity production relatively inexpensively and are important in helping Humanity. One such system is this new invention comprising very many generators installed in pipelines which use the latent energy not being used by smooth laminar flow of oil and water in pipelines around the world to produce sufficient beneficial clean energy cumulatively by controlling and combining the hydrokinetic turbulent energy released by the invention.

Multiple consecutive small specially designed unique generators are driven by devices used to convert the laminar flow into turbulent hydrokinetic rotational flow and rotate permanent magnets incorporated within the pipeline systems. These interact with outer coils and magnets to use the changing magnetic fluxes produced to induce electrical current in the coils.



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