When Global Warming became a credible threat to future Life renewable energy systems and avenues became essential to minimize the growing use of fossil fuel sources. Electricity could be generated by generators but these required a driving force to rotate the magnetic fields. An inexpensive method of driving them was needed. Steven Wolfowitz, a chemical engineer, considered wave power and invented the Enerotor.


The use of wave energy has lagged the development of wind energy but decreasing availability and considerably increasing fossil fuel prices and global warming has increased attention in recent years and strides are now being made in that direction. Natural wave energy abounds and is effectively limitless. The derivation of this energy has occupied the minds of many inventors for years and several attempts have been made to harness it. The Enerotor is designed to easily and directly convert that energy into relatively cheap green electricity. The process is carbon-free and is anticipated to progressively become a serious renewable contender. The Proprietary Technology and Intellectual Property is protected globally by patents

The Enerotor consists of a number of buckets fixed around a rotating cylinder floating on the sea and connected to side electricity generators. The buckets are filled by the swell of incoming waves and move downwards under gravitational forces. As the rotating buckets emerge after about 180o on the other side of the cylinder to commence moving upwards, air enters them through small holes drilled at their bases which become their leading edges on the upward motion. The trapped water is released as it would otherwise be drawn up inside the buckets by a vacuum. The vacuum is released and the cylinder achieves a perpetual unbalanced rotational momentum which drives the attached electricity generators.

The system can be very large encompassing many tons of torque and can be linked together to generate high electrical green energy relatively cheaply. It has few moving parts.



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