23 MARCH 2020

The Corona Virus known as COVID-19 has wreaked havoc throughout the world affecting both medical health and economic stability. People and businesses are drastically compromised. The pandemic is escalating rapidly and effective vaccines and medicaments are expected to take many months or even years to become available.

As a result it is necessary for a new process system and method to deal with the problem effectively to become available very soon.

This new patented invention is expected to alleviate effects of respirational diseases like COVID-19 very rapidly on a very wide scale.

Currently, surfaces are being wiped with disinfectants to try to prevent contamination transmission of viruses to hands, etc. This practice is inefficient and unfocused.

My new invention targets the actual site of the virus infections – the nose, mouth, throat, sinus and lungs - instead. It therefore provides direct action close to the infected sites in people.

Masks are recommended and worn to try to prevent entry of viruses into the nose and nasal passages of humans, and the intake of germs, coronaviruses, etc. Current masks do not kill the viruses, and those that the masks do not block manage to infect the body. Viruses which successfully infect these areas find a fertile space and environment in which to ferment and grow right there. In some cases the growth is sufficient to kill the host, and sometimes other illnesses like pneumonia develop and overcome the host person.

My invention allows these respirational masks to incorporate special chemical additives capable of killing the viruses.

Filter mask configurations and additives are provisionally patented.

Some of the additives have the ability to kill the viruses within even a few seconds. Air breathed into the nose and sinus cavities carries evaporated vapours emanating from the additives incorporated in the masks into the volumes of the sinus cavities, airways and lungs and so come into contact with the viruses therein by virtue of their close proximity to the infected areas. Research shows that ethyl alcohol, one of the special additives, can kill the virus, but this needs to be confirmed and the effect of the additive vapour on mucus membranes needs to be taken into account in order to strike the right balance.

This invention is not a treatment of corona virus which has infected someone – it is a method of preventing that infection in the first place, and therefore much more clinically- and cost-effective.

The inventor, a chemical engineer with 52 years inventing experience, is elderly and realises that, because of the global scale of the COVID-19 pandemic and urgency, this technology requires rapid widespread dissemination and implementation far beyond his capacity. The provisional patent is therefore offered for sale to governments and/or large corporations having the resources and capability to accomplish this implementation and provide prevention and relief very rapidly.

NB: No patent royalties or fees will be levied for a period of 60 days from 23 March 2020, to enable interested parties to evaluate the patent. Use is Free during that period.


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