Steven was born in Durban, South Africa. He was educated at Clifton Preparatory School for eight years and then at Durban High School until he matriculated, being awarded the Prize for Chemistry. He then graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Natal.

In order to earn funds to enable him to develop his inventive compulsion he started a small chemical business with minimal savings. This developed into a vertically integrated assembly of several interrelated businesses comprising:

  • Cosmetics, medicinal & food products manufacturing & packaging
  • In-house registered designed containers & patented closures production, rigid PVC formulation development & compounding
  • Pure petroleum jelly refining to higher than USP & BP standards by converting waste slack-wax from local refineries using own-developed technology in an in-house constructed refinery with 3000 tons/month capacity
  • Labelling, packaging & stationery printing
  • Highly efficient self-developed computerized administration systems
  • Countrywide warehousing and distribution and marketing divisions using novel systems
  • Countrywide built factories and warehouses on purchased properties as growth required

By producing every component in-house costs were minimized and country wide market share dominance was achieved for many products. Profits financed patent costs for Steven's many inventions as far as possible although these became too numerous to fund and some had to be abandoned. The number of his inventions increased and Steven thereafter decided to altruistically attempt to pursue their development full-time with the emphasis of solving major global problems to benefit humanity while generating a living. He preferred solving difficult solutions as they are as time-consuming as simple ones. A partial list and abstracts of some of his inventions are listed.

Steven's latest invention converts CO2 Emissions etc to CH4 (Methane) for reburning as a clean fuel and is patented almost worldwide. He hopes it will be developed to remove threats against Climate Change and Global Warming.

Steven's work is dedicated to his wonderful wife Helen whose unwavering support, assistance and love were absolutely invaluable, essential and incomparable.




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